The Farm

The farm at Whitton is well-known for its herd of Jerseys. The Whitton Herd was established in the 1950s by the late Mary Halliday and her son Christopher. Over the years the herd has been further developed by Christopher's younger son Tom Halliday into one of the largest pure Jersey herds in the country.

The emphasis for management is strongly based on producing milk from forage production. Genetics from all over the world are used alongside homebred bulls to develop a herd that can walk and will milk from grass. The farm is managed around a 450 acre grazing platform and the herd of over 600 cows is milked through a 50 point rotary parlour, twice a day, at a rate 350 cows/hr.

The Whitton Herd operates a spring block calving system. i.e. the entire herd will calve down between mid-February and beginning of April, thus making full use of the lush spring grass.  All the calves and young stock are reared on the farm. 

With over 800 head of cattle to manage there is a high emphasis on the environmental impact. We take our responsibility as custodians of the countryside very seriously.

We are happy to show anyone who is interested around the farm.

For more information call us on 07971 831809 or email